Training and Workshops

We can design and run a range of bespoke in-house workshops and training sessions. Examples include:

Financial Crime Awareness

  • 60- 90 minutes talk for everyone in your business and network to help raise awareness of financial crime risks and the methods used by fraudsters, money launderers and those seeking to bribe your employees.
  • Half day workshops for team leaders and managers how to spot the red flag warning signs of fraud, handling allegations correctly and explaining how and when to raise concerns.
  • Our unique ‘Ethics Challenge: Financial Crime Addition’. The Ethics Challenge is a business simulation game that brings to life some of the decisions that have to be made in a business context and the impact of those decisions on staff’s perception of the management and the public’s perception of the organisation. The Ethics Challenge is a flexible activity that can be used in a variety of different formats. Options include:
    • A one day facilitated event. e.g. to support an initiative to improve corporate governance.
    • A series of linked sessions spread across a number of days or week. e.g. lunch and learn sessions.
    • Incorporation into a wider development programme. e.g. as part of a wider leadership development programme.

Why People Commit Fraud

  • A half day course exploring why people commit fraud and what organisations can do to prevent or deter fraud from occurring including key general controls.

Auditing for Fraud

  • A half day course aimed at those charged with providing assurance over the effectiveness of fraud controls and the specific role of internal/external audit in identifying fraud

An introduction to detecting fraud and error through data analytics 

  • A practical half or full day workshop looking at the basics of data analytics, simple techniques using excel, and practical tips/considerations

Learning the Lessons from Frauds

  • A half day looking at root cause analysis from incidents or suspected incidents

Bribery and Corruption: Managing 3rd party and agent risk

  • A half day looking at outsourcing, supply chain and other 3rd party risks, effective due diligence, risk accountability and responsibility.

Bribery and Corruption: spotting the warning signs and effective whistleblowing 

  • A half day training that will help brief your staff and managers on how to spot the warning signs what to do if offered a bribe.
  • A case study allows delegates to consider what constitutes an effective whistleblowing procedure, the barriers that prevent people blowing the whistle and the key role of managers in responding to concerns raised through them.

 Managing conflicts of interest and gifts and hospitality

  • A half day workshop exploring how to reduce the risk from bribery and corruption.
  • The second half of the workshop puts various dilemmas and scenarios to the group for them to consider what action(s) to take to manage the situation.

Learning the Lessons from previous incidents

  • A half day workshop exploring how organisations can learn the lessons from others past enforcement actions and adverse media/news and integrate these learnings into revised policies and procedures.
  • The second part of the workshop provides various summaries of enforcement actions, news and media stories for the group to consider and work out the practical impacts for their organisation and steps to take to implement and necessary changes.

Money Laundering – How do criminals launder money

  • A half day workshop exploring the methods used by criminals to launder the proceeds of their crimes, explore the main risks to the organisation and what the warning signs are for staff to spot.

Financial crime freedom delivered exactly how you need it.

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