Independent audits, health checks and assurance

Would you like independent assurance of the effectiveness of your controls to manage the risk of:

  • fraud;
  • money laundering;
  • bribery and corruption;
  • sanctions breaches;
  • facilitation of tax evasion;
  • data privacy breaches (Data Protection Act / GDPR)
  • unethical employment practices (modern slavery);
  • illicit wildlife trade; or
  • environmental crime

We can review your end to end processes, products, services, business areas  or provide an overview at organisation level. We can also provide audits of your supply chain to provide assurance that they are also meeting your highest ethical and legal standards.

The above assurances are a vital element of an organisation’s ESG (Environmental,  Social and Governance) programs.

Organisations subject to Money Laundering Regulations are required to have an independent audit or review of their Anti Money Laundering Program. We can provide you with that review.

Monitoring and review of procedures and controls is also a key requirement of published regulatory guidance and an essential element of ‘adequate procedures’ under the UK Bribery Act and corporate offences of Facilitation of Tax Evasion.

We have experience across a number of regulated sectors including:

  • legal services;
  • financial services;
  • gambling and gaming;
  • energy;
  • extractive industries;
  • charities;
  • social housing;
  • estate agents; and
  • construction industry

We can also add value to ongoing or planned programmes of work by conducting in-flight reviews looking at: scope; governance; risk management; resources and reporting; at key gateways in the lifecycle of the project.

Our evaluation reports provide clear guidance regarding the effectiveness of controls, identify strengths, analyse gaps and provide detailed recommendations and action plans for process and control improvements for you to consider and take ownership of implementation. If required we can provide ongoing support with that implementation.

We enable you to take action for improvement by asking you the awkward questions before a regulator or auditor does. We identify efficiency gains and process improvements that bring sustainable benefits to your business.

Financial crime freedom delivered exactly how you need it.

For more information on this or any of the services we offer contact us on the number below or visit our contact page and fill out our response form.