Data Analytics

Many frauds go undetected for years, early detection is therefore fundamental to reducing their impact. We can use your data to proactively identify potential financial crime issues across your business including highlighting control weaknesses, inappropriate expenditure or identify fraud ‘red flags’. We can offer this service on a reduced fee basis where we take a share of any savings identified.

Recent examples include:

  • Analysis of employee expenses which identified poor management controls, duplicate claims, claims not in accordance with internal policies including payments for unapproved first class flights and luxury hotels.
  • Analysis of Corporate credit card spend which identified in excess of £300,000 of inappropriate spend on corporate entertainment and team events.
  • Analysis of payment data that identified previously unknown relationships across employee and supplier data and within each of those data sets.
  • Analysis of supplier data identifying previously unknown payments to high risk jurisdictions posing bribery and money laundering risks.


Financial crime freedom delivered exactly how you need it.

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